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Turned Bowls

When you first look at a blank, a bowl sometimes jumps out at you. This is what happened on this little beauty. In the right light the warm, brown colour of the bowl takes on a golden hue that is quite enchanting to see. Not a large bowl, but with its strong shape it makes a statement and creates a presence of its own.

Display items

The Solid Oak Cake stand started off as a single length of oak, about 3" by 2". I cut it down into the length I wanted the plate to be and glued them together, once dry I placed it on my lathe and shaped it. The exact same for the base. I then made two smaller rings to fit onto the top and base for the stand to fit into. The stand was created from a block of the same oak and shaped on my lathe. Once all the pieces were ready, I gave them all a good sanding starting with 80grit and finishing on 3000grit, then glued all the parts to make the stand complete. A few coats of oil and it was ready. This stand took me 5 days to make from the start to completion.


I sell lots of these little home heroes! They are used as Christmas Eve hampers, shelf organisers, to make gift hampers with; the list is endless. I make a lot to custom sizes to fit in customers’ spaces. There are images of some of these in my gallery. I use them in my workshop to tidy away bits. Some customers ask for two different sized crates, so they fit together, creating a more interesting view of their shelving. I make these by cutting down a block of wood into slats, and the corner posts then cut to size, glue together and nail each slat (I do not have to nail them however it adds more security to the frame). The base is made from 4mm plywood, or 4mm MDF.

Recycled Table for worker

I was asked if I was able to make a worktable for a client out of used wood. I had some lengths of timber which I processed into workable sides, stuck them together, edged it with a Router, then generously applied varnish. The legs I made from CLS which I put together in a trapezoid type of shape and painted them black.

Craft Set

Is there anything I can make for you? I can create all sorts of wonderful gifts. Everyone loves wood, its smell, texture, finish. It is a very tactile experience. So why not have a lovely hardwood bowl made for that special gift which will last a lifetime? To discuss your ideas please get in touch. I will reply to you as soon as I am able to, normally in hours.

Garden seating area
Garden seating area

I made this seating area a few years ago. I wanted a more unusual shape with some interesting little features. On the one side I made a trellis for climbing plants. A back and side trellis with space to look over. We easily got a 3-seater wicker sofa, two chairs and a table in with a lot of room over for our next purchase which will be a Chimenea.