Cariad Woodcraft

Wooden crates are not only attractive but also excellent space savers! They're perfect for organizing craft items or creating a special Christmas Eve hamper for children, grandchildren, or partners. Crafted from pine, they are available in a diverse range of colours and finishes, with natural being the default unless specified otherwise. Each crate is sanded to a smooth finish, glued, and pinned for added durability. I've sold many of these versatile helpers, which have been used throughout homes for various purposes: Christmas Eve hampers, Boxing Day game boxes, gift hampers, and storage for an array of items like crafts, garage tools, books, toys, DVDs, CDs, cards, cat toys, and much more. Custom orders are welcome; any size, quantity, and type of wood, including ash, oak, pine, tulipwood, and others, can be accommodated.

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Made to order Wood Crates

Crate Made to size

My famous crates! I make hundreds of these. I can make in any size, to any colour / fin [...]