Cariad Woodcraft
Turned Bowls

Each of my bowls is hand-turned in my modest workshop, primarily from various hardwoods chosen for their aesthetic appeal and distinctive appearance. Every bowl is crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. Depending on what suits the bowl best, they are finished with a variety of oils and waxes, resulting in either a high gloss or a soft sheen. The process begins with a solid, round block of wood known as a blank, from which I sculpt the bowl. Feel free to browse, and should you have any questions, please reach out to me.

Bowls, Seo

Elm bowl with Copper inlay

Elm and Copper 8 inch Bowl

This bowl is absolutely captivating! Crafted from a beautiful block of Elm, which is di [...]

Cherry Hardwood bowl

Cherry wood Bowl

A Warm looking and very contemporary stylish Cherry hardwood bowl. As always made by me [...]

Ash Bowl with Subtle silver embellishing

Ash Bowl with Silver embellishment appr

This exquisite 5-inch round bowl, approximately 2.5 inches deep, is crafted from solid [...]

Ash Bowl

Ash Hardwood Key Bowl

A lovely little Ash Hardwood Bowl. Turned and waxed, as simple as it gets.

As [...]

Sapele Hardwood bowl

Sapele Hand made Solid Hardwood Bowl.

A beauty of a bowl, hand made by me. Finished with Danish oil, and Waxed to a sheen.

Jatoba Hardwood bowl

Jatoba Brazilian Cherry Hardwood bowl

A gorgeous item, created from a block of Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) the bowl measures ap [...]

Cherry Potpourri Honey pot Bowl with Pewter Hearts lid

Cherry Potpourri Bowl with Pewter lid

This rather gorgeous item has the appearance of a honey pot, which was the original ide [...]

Lacewood Bowl

Lace wood bowl

Lacewood is given the name due to how it interlocks producing a wonderfully unusual pat [...]

Cherry Key Bowl

Cherry Hardwood key Bowl

At about 5 inches in diameter, this little lovely is just the right size to be a coin, [...]

Cherry Bowl with a polished black exterior

Polished Black-Cherry wood Bowl

A gorgeous piece, American cherry carved out to form a bowl, the outside dyed black and [...]

Zebrano Bowl

Zebrano Bowl

Zebrano (Zebrawood)
Lovely grain pattern to this Zebrano Bowl. Zebrano is a fair [...]

Padauk Bowl 8 inch

Padauk Bowl 8 inch

Padauk (Puh·duke)

Turned Bowl. Turned on my lathe, this bowl took [...]

Oak Potpourri Bowl with Butterfly pewter lid

Oak Potpourri Bowl with Butterfly pewte

This Oak Potpourri Bowl has an ornate pewter lid which shows a butterfly and flower in [...]

Potpourri Bowl with Pewter Lid

Potpourri Bowl with Pewter Lid

Potpourri is a delightful way to scent your home, it uses dried flowers and fruit which [...]