Cariad Woodcraft

Bowls are my favourite thing to create on my Lathe, I am limited to dimensions of around 12 inches due to the lathe, I do not yet have a side arm to allow me to make larger bowls. all the bowls I make are using hardwoods. These include Purple heart, Oak, Sapele, Beech, Ash, Zebrano, Tiger wood, Tulip wood, Sweet Chestnut and many more. The difference of wood is quite astounding, some are easy to work with whilst others are exceedingly difficult. A well-turned bowl finished properly is easy on the eye and a treat to own.

Lovely Golden hue
Sapele Small Bowl 
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American Cherry 
American Cherry Hardwood Bowl
American Cherry 
Hampshire Sheen intrinsic colours. blue / black and glossed
Blue / Black Gloss 
Pot Puri Bowl with Flowers 
Pot Puri Bowl with Dancing Fairies