Cariad Woodcraft

The Boards are made from a mix of different hardwoods I have in stock. These are cut into strips of equal dimensions then glued together in a set of large clamps. Once dry they are passed through a thicknesser until both sides are flat. Its them a case of Sanding it to an exceptionally smooth finish and protecting it with food safe oils. Not all boards are chopping boards. You can use them for displaying items, as an ornament or as a wall hanging showing the true beauty of the natural grains of wood.

This Hardwood board is one of the first I made. It is made from Iroko, Yew, Oak, Beech and Tulip wood. Later I altered it from a board into a wall clock.
Mixed Hardwood Board 
My first big commission, I made it from an Ash board into a Holder for a Firemans Axe and Vintage Helmet.
Ash Board 
Large Mixed Hardwood Board 
Larger Board 
Pastel large board 
Light colour Hardwood Board