Recommended Suppliers.

As a creator, I must have places to visit in order that I do what I do. Be it tool shops, timber yards I use to get Hardwood, places from which to get my oils, resins, and waxes. These are all particularly important to me. Below is a list of my favourite supplier which I use regularly. I do not gain any commission from them for listing, if they are in the list then IMHO they provide a good service and are dependable.
If you are serious about your craft then you will want to be looking for the best tools you can get. You will not find the tools you need in the regular chain DIY stores, these also charge a lot more for a lot less.
In no particular order.


My go to place for all things Wood, Yandles have their own sawmill, sell a huge range of Hardwoods in a vast array of sizes. They have a range of training courses aimed at wood turning. Also host demonstrations by the like of Record Power with some top-level turners. A broad selection of quality tools by Record Power, Robert Sorby, Kreg to name a few. On site they have a Cafe, Crafts shop, Tool shop and a crafting shop, plus the Saw Mill, you can order hardwoods ready milled on their web site.

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Axminster tools.

Axminster tools cater for the professional and Hobbyist alike, an amazing range of quality tools including their own Trade and Craft ranges. A place where you can get some decent machinery and helpful staff who know about the tools. These also have exhibitions and training on site. They also sell wood blanks, but I am not sure if they also have a wood mill. They have a couple of shops.

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Recycle wood in Newport. A great, old fashioned timber yard where all the wood is donated to them, and they then sell it, or make items to sell. Reseiclo is a charity; "This organisation is a day-care service for Adults with Learning Disabilities. The students learn basic woodworking skills in Reseiclo's Alderney Street workshop and help out with our bespoke manufacturing activities." They have a shop that sells the items they make. I love to trawl their yard, I have discovered some amazing Oak, Ash, Beech, and curly maple there. I recently bought the legs from an Oak Church Pew that is at least 100 years old. I will make parts of it into bowls.

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Suppliers of high-quality tools. I use Rutland’s when I need to buy Router Bits, or other smaller items which I want to last. They sell excellent clamps, and their range of hand tools is impressive. Anything I buy from Rutland’s I know will last, most of it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Robert Sorby

This company with which I have really invested! They sell all the delightful items I need to Wood Turning. Chucks, Gouges, Spiral and Texturing tools, Sharpening systems and a lot more! They sell direct of via one of the above shops. I normally purchase these from Yandles as they are constantly the cheapest.

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Record Power

Record Power supply all kinds of machinery. They have been producing for a long time and make all manner of Lathes, Band Saws, Dust Extractors, associated parts, and Gouges. They are a byword when it comes to Lathes. They make all their own machinery and its top-quality stuff! My first lathe was a CL2 from 1998 still in perfect condition, I recently upgraded to a new Record Power lathe with reverse and variable speed which helps me improve.

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Datapower tools

Based locally to me in South Wales a complete surprise finds on the Internet that I have started to use. They have a unique method of local delivery, one of the staff delivers all local orders by hand. This is a nice touch. Prices are competitive, and they have a wide range of great products. I also like to know the customer support is also great, I recently had the wrong item delivered so I mailed them. Got a reply within hours and matter resolved!

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