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It has taken me a long time to get the place where I am confident that you will not find any better quality in craftmanship, nor finish than I am able to produce. All woods used are Hardwoods which give much more interesting colours and reflections, very tactile and long lasting they give a certain ambience to a room all their own. So, if you fancy something a bit different that has taken time to craft, made by a personal level of attention solely on your item, allowed time to finish correctly and not has spayed on varnish on it, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to my shop,
I hope will find what you are after amongst my collection of Handmade / turned items. All the items have been made by me, in my workshop. therefore, the relationship between myself and the item is of a personal nature. I will have selected the Wood, and then using my varied tools shaped it into the item you see here. I take care in what I do and always strive for perfection. Nothing here is being resold, or made anywhere else, it is all by my hand.
Bowls in differing sizes and finishes, I have a large number of Bowls in lots of wood types, Purple heart, Oak, Ash, Padauk, Zebrano, Tulip wood, pine, Maple, plus more. These types of wood have differing grain types, closed or open which open a world of possibilities when finishing a bowl. Some take to a sheen other a gloss to show the depth of grain pattern, or colour.
I sell most of my items just to buy more tools, or Wood. Hardwood is quite expensive to purchase so it will be the cost of that plus some on top for my work. This prices also goes towards buying new oils, waxes, and wood dyes. I do not make any profit from the sales, nor do I want to. This is my hobby.
Please look around, and if you see anything you like you can use the buy now PayPal button or contact me directly if you have questions.


Curly Maple Hardwood Light Pull

Curly Maple Hardwood [...]

Sweet Chestnut Light Pull or Handle

Sweet Chestnut Hardw [...]


Handmade Right-angle [...]

Purpleheart and gold-plated letter opener

Purple heart and Gol [...]

Cherry Hardwood bowl

Cherry wood Bowl [...]

Ash Bowl with Subtle silver embellishing

Ash Bowl with Silver [...]

Cherry handmade hardwood light pull

Cherry handmade hard [...]

Walnut Hardwood handmade light pull

Walnut Hardwood hand [...]

Shaped Pine light pull

Shaped Pine Light pu [...]