Cariad Woodcraft
Light / Draw cord pulls

Light Pulls, those funny little things that hang from string you use to turn some of your lights on and off again. Ever noticed how nice a wooden one is? How it makes you look posh? All my light pulls are hand made by myself in my little workshop. Some are made from Pine and some from Hardwood. All have been waxed to a nice shine. They have all been predrilled all the way through. 7mm at the base going to 3mm at the top, this allows you to conceal the knot making it look even posher! A simple, yet effective way to instantly improve your room. Its not going to change your life but it may well make your room a b it smarter. Showing that you have taste

Curly Maple Hardwood Light Pull

Curly Maple Hardwood Light pull

Curly Maple, named due to its unique grain pattern which makes the grain appear to be w [...]

Sweet Chestnut Light Pull or Handle

Sweet Chestnut Hardwood Light Pull Hand

Sweet Chestnut Hardwood Light pull / Handle, produced by me in my workshop.
A ve [...]

Hourglass light pull

Cherry Hourglass light pull

A more of an unusual shaped light pull, it does look rather gorgeous though.1


Cherry high grain handmade hardwood light pull

Cherry high grain handmade hardwood li

This cord pull has a wonderful grain pattern going through the entire piece. Waxed to&n [...]

Cherry handmade hardwood light pull

Cherry handmade hardwood light pull

Cherry hardwood handmade light pull. Made in my workshop it's been shaped and waxed [...]

Walnut Hardwood handmade light pull

Walnut Hardwood handmade light pull

Stylish Walnut hardwood handmade light pull. about 4 inches tall.


Shaped Pine light pull

Shaped Pine Light pull draw cord pull

A delightful little light pull made by me from pine. shaped sanded and waxed. would loo [...]

Pine Light Pull

Pine handmade light pull

Light pull, created from natural Pine, given a wax gloss. The grains can be seen well i [...]